E-Touch Up Merchandize, Your Gift to Others!
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E-Touch Up Merchandize Novelty printed mugs never go out of style. It connects special people to another special someone. You can give them as gift to your dad or to your grandpa. Of course, even to a great grandpa.

The idea does not stop there because you have the whole world in front of you. Share your thoughts to world. Provide them an inspiration that is truly your own. What can make their eyes swell in true love and affection? The mug you gave them! Why? because of the special message, a picture, an art work or a symbol that come with it.






When the message is almost sacred between two persons, it is the best gift there is. You can smile now because you got the idea. Choose your pick now.

If you did not see what you like, let us know by writing us and we will try our best to develop and create one as close as possible to what you've described.