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Tote Bags

A tote bag is a large bag. It was typically made of cloth with two lift handles. The word "tote" means to carry things around. The primary design of this bag is for shopping and for traveling. It is traditionally much larger than the handbag although these days, some handbags had gone bigger.

Current Selections

            1. American Apparel
            2. Liberty bags

E-Touch Up Merchandize Totes collection boast of many good ways to communicate what you care about. The area available where the message and image resides will not fail to communicate what is important to you.

It will not only allow you to carry more things every day but provide a medium of expression all out of the same bag! Men who usually do not carry handbags, can carry a tote bag for shopping, all in good taste. Buy your choice now and send a message at the same time.