E-Touch Up Merchandize, Your Gift to Others!
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About us

E-Touch Up Merchandize is a trade name of Risk-based Management and Services Inc. The company was founded in 2015.

This online store sells variety of merchandize including clothing/apparels, accessories, shoes, novelty gift items, wall art, pillows, totes, hats, phone cases, children toys, stationeries, electronics, and many more.

As the brand expands, it will also offer graphic design services, logo designs, portraitures in different mediums, personal and commercial photo and video editing and/or restoration.

Our store strives to highlight the beauty and creative power of all human expressions through the arts of sights, sounds, and feeling. 

These are merchandize that convey people's emotions, philosophies in life, principles and beliefs, products that bridge the gap between people worldwide by crossing geographical and cultural boundaries.


Owner/Managing Director

e-mail: etouchup.adm@gmail.com


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