E-Touch Up Merchandize, Your Gift to Others!
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We offer you a one-stop online store that sells variety of merchandize including clothing, apparels, accessories, shoes, novelty gift items, wall art, pillows, totes, hats, phone cases, children toys, stationeries, electronics, and many more stuffs you'd like to get your hand into. All are at reasonable prices!

As the brand expands, it will also offer graphic design services, logo designs, portraitures in different mediums, personal and commercial photo and video editing and/or restoration.

E-Touch Up Merchandize will make your shopping more enjoyable and convenient, that is comfort of whereever you are.

Browse our e-store using intuitive and user-friendly menu. Take your pick among our finest selections. We strive to be unique in our designs. Many of them, you won't find elsewhere.

Play mix and match with choice gifts. Grab as much products as you want. Send your message loud and strong. Be the person you want to be. You can snag all of your wanted items at low and affordable prices that few stores can match. Place more orders and we'll give exclusive and exciting deals to help you spend less while shopping for more!

Whether you are the penny-pinching shoppers or the generous buyer like yourself, quality and bargain is a welcome thing. E-Touch Up offers everyone a collection of items worth your money. This is a welcoming thing because you don't settle for less.

So grab your mouse, check our menu, and click the buy button now!